Metal Carports

      Metal carports are designed to protect cars, trucks, boats, small campers, and other equipment from weather conditions, but they can provide great solutions for a variety of needs. A metal carport can serve as a covered outdoor recreation area, as shaded outdoor workspace, or as open storage.

      metal rv covers

      Metal RV Covers are perfect for housing RVs, Pontoon Boats, Livestock Trailers or other heavy equipment in order to protect those larger investments from harsh weather conditions. They can be designed with different levels of enclosure to maximize protection from weather elements.

      metal Garages

      No matter what you’re planning to use them for, metal garage can provide the convenient protection needed for your vehicles and equipment. Metal garages provide an economical and attractive alternative to building a free-standing garage using typical home building materials.

      metal Greenhouses

      Many homeowners around the country are catching on to the idea of growing their own fresh herbs and vegetables. MaxSteel’s metal greenhouses are the ideal structure for growing your plants year-round in a climate-controlled environment. Greenhouses are available in three economically priced, standard sizes.

      Metal workshop

      A high-quality custom metal building is an ideal structure for a workshop. The welded steel frame and variety of building shapes, color choices and customization options will allow you to configure an ideal metal workshop building that’s able to withstand heavy use and harsh weather elements for years to come.

      metal barns

      Modern barns are cost-effective prefab metal buildings designed to stand up to a wide variety of weather conditions and age. They can be designed with “farm charm” using a large array of color options and customization options, enhancing the value or your property for years to come.

      Metal Industrial

      Metal industrial buildings serve a wide variety of uses where wide-open interior spaces are advantageous. This includes small warehouses, small aircraft hangars, retail establishments, manufacturing operations, agricultural, landscaping material or commercial equipment protection, and much more.

      metal commercial

      MaxSteel commercial metal buildings and structures are constructed with heavy-duty metal panels and framing. A prefab commercial metal building is a cost-effective alternative to a frame or jointed masonry construction type. able to stand up to a wide variety of weather conditions and age.

      Cold Formed Buildings

      Cold-formed steel framing can be used for virtually any type of building, from residential to light commercial, and often represent a solid option in contrast to normal workhorse construction methods such as structural pre-engineered and conventional wood construction.

      Add-Ons & Upgrades

      MaxSteel carries a variety of add-on items and supplies to upgrade the structure of your building to your liking. Whether it be insulation or a unique barrier to control condensation, we have all the essentials and accents to have your metal building be exactly what you need it to be for years to come.

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LIMITED WARRANTY. Buyer will receive a 90-day limited warranty on workmanship and materials. Any repair issues must be reported to MaxSteel’s corporate office within 90 days of installation date. Do not report repair issues to your dealer. Repair issues reported only to your dealer will not be considered reported in a timely manner under this Agreement. Regardless of whether any repair is necessary after installation, Buyer shall pay all remaining balances due upon installation. Withholding payment will not ensure repairs are made and could delay repairs if the account is overdue. Buyer shall work with MaxSteel to help ensure repairs are done in a timely manner. If Buyer fails or refuses to comply with scheduling the repair in a timely manner, MaxSteel reserves the right to void all warranties and Buyer agrees to waive any and all claims for any and all repairs. Scratches to metal panels will be repaired using color appropriate paint pens or otherwise at the discretion of MaxSteel. There is a 20-year warranty limited to rust-through of metal panels and steel tubing (assuming normal user care and maintenance). If Buyer upgrades to Premium 40-Year Metal, there is a 40-year warranty limited to rust-through of metal panels and steel tubing (assuming normal user care and maintenance). Alteration to the unit in any manner by the Buyer will immediately void all warranties, including without limitation interior or exterior modifications, installation of electrical, and/or installation of plumbing. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH IN THIS AGREEMENT, THE GOODS AND SERVICES TO BE PURCHASED UNDER THIS AGREEMENT ARE FURNISHED AS IS WITH ALL FAULTS AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE


The manufacturer, AmeriLux International, LLC,  provides a ten (10) year warranty as specified for CoverLite, MR9 and MR12 Corrugated Polycarbonate for sheets purchased as of the date of delivery/shipment. Please refer to the manufacturer’s website for details.

CoverLite® MR9” and MR12” Corrugated

Polycarbonate Sheet Warranty –  Ten (10) Year Warranty as specified below for CoverLite® MR9” and MR12” Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets purchased as of the date of delivery/shipment:

  1. Yellowing of sheets’ surface: In accordance with standard test ASTM D1925, the yellowing index should remain at or below 3 within 3 years, and remain at or below 10 within 10 years.
  2. Penetrability of Ultraviolet Ray in wave length 300nm should be less than 2.4%.
  3. Light Transmittance: Based on standard test ASTM D1003, sheets should have 90% of the original percentage of light transmittance at the end of the ten (10) year warranty period.
  4. Sheets shall not break as a result of hailstones measuring up to25mm in diameter and attaining up to 20 meter/seconds in velocity.

Should the polycarbonate sheets not reach the warranty scope specified above (providing that storing, installation, handling and cleaning of the sheets was compiled per guidelines), you must present this warranty and invoice as well as samples of the defective products for replacement of new sheets.


  1. The warranty specified above does not apply to scratches, abrasion and/or any damage caused by contact with incompatible materials or breakage due to natural disasters.
  2. The warranty specified above does not apply to applications in an environment that may damage the principle raw materials of the sheets – polycarbonate resins – as well as contacts within compatible adhesives, such as cements.
  3. The warranty specified above does not apply to losses or expenditure resulting from improper installation and/or cleaning.
  4. The warranty specified above applies to CoverLite® Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets as the only new sheets for replacement. Costs associated with removal and/or installation is not included in the warranty as well as packaging, shipping, taxes, or any other direct or indirect losses.
  5. Breakage caused by objects other than hail is excluded from this warranty. Impact failures or breakage caused by other means, intentional or unintentional, is not covered.


The Exhaust Fan has a two (2) year manufacturer’s warranty.  The thermostat, aluminum shutter and Variable Fan Speed Control have a one (1) year warranty. Please refer to the manufacturer’s website for details.

J&D Manufacturing Product Warranty Policy – J&D provides a one-year warranty to the original purchaser on all products that are inspected and proven by J&D Manufacturing to be defective in materials and workmanship.  The warranty applies to all products unless otherwise noted on the product literature page.

Products or individual components may be repaired or replaced at the discretion of J&D Manufacturing.

The warranty period is valid from the date of invoice from J&D Manufacturing, and applies only to products used for the intended purpose under normal use, and does not cover regular wear and tear, acts of nature, return freight or delivery, loss or damage to personal property, cost of removal or installation, incidental or consequential damages or labor, misuse, abuse, alterations or negligence, improper installation or installation that does not adhere to installation instructions, improper operation, lack of maintenance to the product, cosmetic rust, corrosion, staining, or products without proper identification.

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