Metal Carports

      Metal carports are designed to protect cars, trucks, boats, small campers, and other equipment from weather conditions, but they can provide great solutions for a variety of needs. A metal carport can serve as a covered outdoor recreation area, as shaded outdoor workspace, or as open storage.

      metal rv covers

      Metal RV Covers are perfect for housing RVs, Pontoon Boats, Livestock Trailers or other heavy equipment in order to protect those larger investments from harsh weather conditions. They can be designed with different levels of enclosure to maximize protection from weather elements.

      metal Garages

      No matter what you’re planning to use them for, metal garage can provide the convenient protection needed for your vehicles and equipment. Metal garages provide an economical and attractive alternative to building a free-standing garage using typical home building materials.

      metal Greenhouses

      Many homeowners around the country are catching on to the idea of growing their own fresh herbs and vegetables. MaxSteel’s metal greenhouses are the ideal structure for growing your plants year-round in a climate-controlled environment. Greenhouses are available in three economically priced, standard sizes.

      Metal workshop

      A high-quality custom metal building is an ideal structure for a workshop. The welded steel frame and variety of building shapes, color choices and customization options will allow you to configure an ideal metal workshop building that’s able to withstand heavy use and harsh weather elements for years to come.

      metal barns

      Modern barns are cost-effective prefab metal buildings designed to stand up to a wide variety of weather conditions and age. They can be designed with “farm charm” using a large array of color options and customization options, enhancing the value or your property for years to come.

      Metal Industrial

      Metal industrial buildings serve a wide variety of uses where wide-open interior spaces are advantageous. This includes small warehouses, small aircraft hangars, retail establishments, manufacturing operations, agricultural, landscaping material or commercial equipment protection, and much more.

      metal commercial

      MaxSteel commercial metal buildings and structures are constructed with heavy-duty metal panels and framing. A prefab commercial metal building is a cost-effective alternative to a frame or jointed masonry construction type. able to stand up to a wide variety of weather conditions and age.

      Cold Formed Buildings

      Cold-formed steel framing can be used for virtually any type of building, from residential to light commercial, and often represent a solid option in contrast to normal workhorse construction methods such as structural pre-engineered and conventional wood construction.

      Add-Ons & Upgrades

      MaxSteel carries a variety of add-on items and supplies to upgrade the structure of your building to your liking. Whether it be insulation or a unique barrier to control condensation, we have all the essentials and accents to have your metal building be exactly what you need it to be for years to come.

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Commercial Metal buildings

A prefab commercial metal building is a cost-effective and quick assembly alternative to a frame or jointed masonry construction type. Compared to many types of typical building construction, the steel frame and metal panel structure of our metal buildings make them fire-resistant and able to stand up to a wide variety of weather conditions and age. We can build up to 40ft clear span widths and in whatever length is needed.

MaxSteel Buildings can create a metal structure in a variety of shapes and sizes that includes the steel framing, exterior metal panels and insulation. However, these sturdy frame and panel structures can be customized by the customer to serve a wide variety of commercial uses, including small warehouses, small airplane hangars, retail establishments, small manufacturing operations, agricultural, landscaping material or commercial equipment protection, and much more.

With a wide array of colors and customization options, MaxSteel’s steel buildings can be built to complement an existing structure or give your business a unique and eye-catching exterior appearance. MaxSteel provides a variety of options including different sized garage doors, window and walk-in doors to match your needs.

All our steel buildings include FREE delivery and assembly by one our professional installation teams as long as the job site complies with requirements (see your local dealer for details). Customers are responsible for checking local building codes and acquiring necessary permits. Rent to own payment options are available with no credit check.

Standard Specifications

  • From 32′ to 40′ wide single span
  • From 20′ to any length
  • From 8′ to 16′ side height
  • 14-gauge steel framing
  • 29-gauge metal roof panels
  • Engineer stamped drawings (generic, e-mailed upon request)
  • Full Bracing (1 per post) unless gabled or closed ends
  • Concrete anchors (building must be installed on a concrete pad).
  • Engineer Certified

Material Upgrades And Options

  • 12-gauge steel framing
  • 26-gauge metal panels
  • Premium colors (extended warranty)
  • Color-matching screws
  • Gables
  • J-Trim
  • Coastal Certification (for coastal areas only)

Available Sizes

  • 32×20
  • 32×25
  • 32×30
  • 32×35
  • 32×40
  • 32×45
  • 32×50
  • 34×20
  • 34×25
  • 34×30
  • 34×35
  • 34×40
  • 34×45
  • 34×50
  • 36×20
  • 36×25
  • 36×30
  • 36×35
  • 36×40
  • 36×45
  • 36×50
  • 38×20
  • 38×25
  • 38×30
  • 38×35
  • 38×40
  • 38×45
  • 38×50
  • 40×20
  • 40×25
  • 40×30
  • 40×35
  • 40×40
  • 40×45
  • 40×50

Roof Types

Choosing the right roof style is the starting point for designing your steel building. It’s important to consider the specific area you plan to locate your structure and whether you can expect some snow load or harsh weather, or even the types of trees nearby and the debris they may drop. All our buildings include FREE delivery and assembly by one our professional installation teams as long as the job site complies with requirements (see your local dealer for details).



A Regular roof style on your commercial steel building can provide the protection you need for your business investments at an affordable price and in a variety of sizes. Rather than the roof extending out to form an eave on the sides, the ends of each bow are curved downward, which provides additional height without the cost of purchasing taller posts. Because the metal panels run gable-to-gable on the regular roof style, they are curved around the frame at the corners, providing additional coverage from the weather.


Boxed Eave

Boxed-eave (or “A-frame”) roof styles create a more traditional and attractive roof line for your commercial metal building with only a modest increase in price. Like the Regular style, the metal panels run perpendicular to the roof slope, so they’re better for warmer and drier climates that don’t require maximum drainage due to harsh weather. Metal Buildings with a Boxed Eave roof also provide 4-6″ of overhang on the sides that are finished with boxed trim.



A Vertical roof-style has the BEST long-term value and is ideal for protecting the building and its contents from weather elements. Along with having an attractive and traditional roof line with an eave, the metal panels and ribs run parallel to the slope, creating more efficient drainage and preventing snow load or debris build-up. Steel hat channel is utilized under the metal panels and adds strength to the structure. Vertical style roofs have 4-6″ of overhang and are finished with boxed trim on all sides. Vertical Roof design is the best investment to extend the life of your metal building.

Available Colors



Below you’ll find a list of our best-selling commercial metal building styles. If you see something you like, just click the “Learn More” button and you’ll be able to enter your zip code to find a local MaxSteel Buildings dealer near you who can help you with your order. All prices shown below are pretax.


This 40’W x 61’L steel commercial building features 16’H sides and two 12’W x 12’H roll-up garage doors, allowing for the entrance, egress and storage of large equipment.  This building also features premium metal with color matching screws, wainscot that matches the roof and trim, a drip-stop condensation barrier, a vertical style roof, two 3’x3′ windows and a walk-in door.


This 36’W x 51’L commercial metal carport has 15’H sides, allowing it to operate like large hanger that can protect large and expensive equipment from harsh weather elements.  It features 12-gauge framing for additional strength and vertical side panels and gables that give it a more traditional appearance as well as premium metal panels with color matching screws. 

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work with a maxsteel dealer near you

MaxSteel sells commercial steel buildings through an extensive network of local dealers across numerous Midwest and Southern States, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, East Virginia, Mississippi, Northern Florida, and southern Illinois and Indiana. Our dealers are ready to help you design and purchase your ideal metal garage at competitive prices that include delivery and installation.


      What type of vehicle are you looking to store?

      Selecting the right metal carport for your needs is important. Whether you are looking for something to simply protect your car or RV from the elements, or provide a secure storage solution, Carport Central can help. We offer single carport design plans and 2 car carport options. We can always customize our metal carport to fit multiple vehicles or even taller steel carport plans for trucks and tractors. Read more about the different size metal carports and RV carports we offer and some of the customization options below.

      Where will you install your new metal carport or RV cover?

      Do you know where you want your metal carport or RV carport to be installed? Our installation team will need enough space to set-up and install your carport or RV carport, and space to access the installation site. Working with our trained customer service representatives we can help you. One of the most important things to remember is that custom metal carports must be installed on a level surface. Do you have enough level space for the size metal carport you want?

      Does it need to be certified?

      Many local building regulations also require that the metal carports be certified when installed. Certifications are required to make sure the custom-built carport can withstand a specific amount of wind and snow. A local inspector will review the build site and the building plans to make sure the structure is sound. Work with our trained customer service representatives to learn more about what Carport Central provides when you need to certify your building, and what you need to do before your metal carport installation.

      How’s the weather?

      Your perfect custom carport may depend on the local weather forecast. Many first time carport buyers don’t take into account the local weather and only expect the carport to keep the rain and sun off of their vehicles. If you live in a climate where you get heavy snowfall or driving rains that blow sideways, consider getting a structure that is more enclosed to protect your vehicle. Anchoring structures on concrete slabs is also recommended for high wind areas.

      How about style?

      Carport central offers many different metal carport styles to fit your needs. Not only can we customize roof options, but we can also provide you with the choice of colors so it will fit with the look of your home. Call our customer service representatives to learn more about Carport Central metal carports for sale.

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