Covid-19 Shelters

                           MaxSteel Buildings-
       Your COVID-19 Emergency Response COVID-19 Shelter Supplier

COVID-19 Flyer

MaxSteel is committed to servicing your medical, emergency, mobile testing, and rapid-response Novel Coronavirus needs. Drive-Thru Carport Shelters are free-standing and erected with no center obstructions. Drive-Thru Carport Shelters are economical, convenient, and easily deployed to provide a safe place for health care practitioners to perform many critical in functions including Covid-19 testing, medications, and situations where the public needs to be treated efficiently and effectively. Drive-Thru Carport Shelters widths range from 12 to 40 feet, no length limitations, and can equipped with enclosed sides.

A Drive-Thru Carport Shelter can be erected to suit your needs within 3-5 business days. MaxSteel has twenty installation crews that can install 20-30 buildings a day contingent upon their location and sizes. To reduce the risk of contamination, the metal building components can be easily disinfected by wiping down, pressure washing or fumigation. Drive-Thru Carport Shelters can be easily removed once the emergency has been mitigated and moved to another location for re-use.

Additionally, MaxSteel has a wide variety of additional light steel shelters for protection of patients, medical professionals, first responders, and equipment from the elements and serve as command posts. These shelters include sheds, pavilions, garages, and barns. The shelters can provide a variety of services such as food, sleeping quarters, sanitation facilities, and medical care. The shelters can be designed to meet your suit site-specific requirements, provide privacy, and insulated for a temperature-controlled environment.

MaxSteel closely monitors the evolution of the COVID-19/novel Coronavirus and follows guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). MaxSteel implements best management practices for infection prevention and all precautions to ensure the safety of our customers, staff, dealers, and installation crews. MaxSteel strives to safely deliver the most affordable, highest quality product with excellent customer service. MaxSteel can install the building structure without anyone present, directed by phone, or at an acceptable social distance. MaxSteel is ready and prepared to service our residential, commercial, agricultural, local, state, and federal agencies.
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